Pristine iPhone highlights that Android as of now has

For reasons unknown, individuals like to favor one side on things that truly don’t have to have sides by any means. You love iPhones? Cool. You’re more OK with Android telephones? Use it healthy.

However, we live in a serious society, thus the one organization that produces iOS-based telephones and the bunch marks that cause Android-based telephones generally to feel that they need to make sense of why their item is more staggering, more adaptable, safer, more tomfoolery, and more whatever than the ones controlled by the other OS. Thus, at whatever point an organization acquaints a component that is new with its OS, it declares it as inventive, magnificent, and never seen. Any individual who has joined in or watched an item presentation — from Apple, Google, or Samsung — knows what I’m talking about.

Apple is seemingly the greatest wrongdoer here, with a background marked by taking as much time as is needed to foster an element that different organizations rushed to hop on as really beta-analyzers. You can nearly set your watch to the Twitter takes and images about how iPhone clients are in every case late to the party of thoughts they could believe are completely new if trusting Apple.

Once more, also, here we are. Apple is presenting its most recent telephone line, the iPhone 14, and the most recent rendition of its working framework, iOS 16. There are a great deal of enhancements and new elements that will be either valuable, fun, or both. Also, as a matter of fact, a large number of these elements are coming to more established iPhone models, while some are restricted to the new iPhone 14 equipment.

Be that as it may, while Apple promotes every one of them as all new and all extraordinary, some of them are — either totally or in some style — currently natural to Android clients. Here is a rundown of at any rate a portion of the highlights that Apple is presently offering however that Android has had for some time.
Different stops in maps

You are returning subsequent to visiting your Aunt Bea, and you out of nowhere understand that in the event that you go on a short side outing, you can make an appearance at one of your #1 book shops. Try not to need to get lost? Presently, in iOS 16, you can rapidly add the location of the book shop to your outing plan and get bearings that will allow you to stop there and afterward view as your way back home.

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